Update on the MYA Radio League 2017 Season as 30th June 2017

The Radio Sailing season continues apace and all the indications are that 2017 will be even busier and more actively supported, even despite the rigours of weed and other interventions that seem hell bent on trying to curtail our enjoyment.

The end of June sees us 8 months into the League year and that status also accords with results obtained in respect of 96 of the 99 events scheduled to have taken place by now. With just over 50 to go until the end of October the 2/3rds of the year very much accords with 2/3rds of the programme.

Some Thank You’s and some Requests

Firstly my thanks to those clubs who send me copies of results of events they host, and also to some of the competitors who also send copies.
My requests are essentially for clubs to please send copies of all open events they host as that is the best way of ensuring the League gives a truly representative picture of the activity and performances. It is also the BEST way of ensuring that clubs are rewarded with their Hosting Bonus and that competitors, and their club points are collected and correctly allocated. If you can’t send them direct please try to make sure they are on the club website and/or the District websites.

(e-mail them to johna8tsmith@btinternet.com)

My request to competitors is to please quote the correct MYA membership number (not an old one or a transposition of the digits) when entering events. Please also review the various tables from time to time and let me know, as some have done, if their results and points are being allocated to an incorrect club. I appreciate that members change their club allegiances from time to time but the Radio League regulations are clear that points earned by competitors will only be allocated to them and their clubs if they are shown as affiliated members on the MYA membership list by the end of the League year.

An illustration of the relative difficulties in this area is the number of points which are currently allocated to skippers where their club is ‘unknown’ in that they cannot be located on the MYA membership list. I do appreciate that this will sometimes be the product of skippers alternative first names or nicknames being used but it’s not helping! Just to give you an indication, there are currently 1225 points which relate to unallocated skippers results. When one considers that the leading individuals are standing at around the 2000 points mark, and the leading clubs currently stand around the 5500 points mark, if those points should be YOURS or YOUR CLUB’S then get your name on the membership list (become affiliated to the MYA!)

The leaders in the individual race are currently Colin Goodman on 2171.5, John Tushingham on 2009.2 and Darin Ballington on 1932.1

The spread of scores for the top 3 clubs is even closer. Birkenhead lead with 5731.4 closely followed by Coalhouse Fort on 5707 and Manor Park on 5586.4.

Clubs with the greatest level of improvement are currently Lymington, Balnemoor and MYSA.

Finally please note that the website address for the various ACERSAIL tables of results has changed.

Gosport has obtained a new domain and the web address of the ACERSAIL menu is now:


Please be patient as logging into the new domain appears to take longer until the various search engines pick up the greater levels of site activity.

John Smith
Radio League Secretary

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