The results and positions for the MYA Radio League are collated by John Smith of Gosport MYC using his ACERSAIL pages.

Current standings, positions and events included can be found HERE

Below is a short description of the intention of the revised MYA Radio League

The MYA Radio League  is a competition to foster clubs’ enthusiasm for open racing and to encourage club members to enter Open events, both at Home and Away in support for their club.

The September Council meeting agreed to reinstate the MYA Radio League from 2016. This was based on the offer of Gosport’s John Smith to act as MYA Radio League Secretary and his preparation work in 2015 with the ACERSAIL tool that he devised for handling the necessary data.

The league results will be updated as soon as event results are received and will be published immediately. It is an exciting and inclusive proposal because all individual skippers, clubs, classes and districts can monitor their radio sailing performances. This year there were 437 individuals and 77 clubs taking part.

This is how the MYA Radio League will work:
Full individual result sheets from MYA open events would be sent to John, who will process the data with his ACERSAIL tool.
• All truly OPEN MYA class events in the MYA Yearbook, which are not restricted in any way, are qualifying events.
• The winning score in ALL events is 100.
• The differential between the 1st, 2nd etc and the last-place score would be 100 divided by the number of competitors taking part.
• All that host clubs need to do is to send in the full results, competitors’ MYA numbers, date etc.
• Bonuses for clubs which host events and attend events outside their district will be included in the calcs.
• The winning individual and club would be at the top of the combined class lists at the end of the League year, which runs between 1 November and 31 October of the following year.

In addition to the existing awards a new Club Performance Improvement Award will be presented to encourage clubs to improve on their previous year’s performance and so put small and emerging clubs on the map.
• In 2016 ‘Performance Ratings’ for all clubs would be set up using the 2015 data as a base.
• A club’s scores from qualifying events would be turned into a percentage and compared with the previous year’s ‘performance rating’.
• In order to win, clubs would have to gain the biggest improvement in their ‘Performance Rating’ year-on-year.

There is an amazing amount of data presented on John Smith’s 21 ACERSAIL windows, the best of which is in the ‘Summarised analysis of findings analysis’. Keen open event radio sailors last year travelled nearly 300,000 miles to be able to sail in the MYA’s open events!

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